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Who is Johnathan Montoya? 

John is a music producer and composer from Bryan/College Station, Texas. He was first introduced to the world of video games by his older brother, David, at the age of 3. At the age of 4 John received his first Nintendo 64.

When he was a freshman in high school he had the opportunity to work on the soundtrack for a XBLIG titled called “Chronoblast”. The game was later released during his junior year. Since then he has worked on games for Android, iOS, and PC, as well as various other projects on YouTube and around the web. In Feburary of 2014 his EP “AnalogStik – EP” was chosen by the curation team at Pandora Radio to be a part of their genome project. His music will be live on Pandora Radio sometime in 2014.

John loves any genre of music. When he creates music, he does not like to stick with only one genre; instead, he combines them to make something truly unique. Some of the many artists that inspire him are zircon, deadmau5, DJ Cutman, Tommy Tallarico, Austin Wintory, Graeme Norgate, The Prodigy, The Pendulum, and many more.

Some of John’s favorite video games are: Metal Gear Solid (the entire series), LittleBigPlanet (the entire series), The Legend of Zelda (NES, OoT, and Majora’s Mask), TimeSplitters (the entire series), Age of Empires (1 & 2), Bully, Red Dead Redemption, Super Smash Bros (N64 and Melee), Tetris, and so many more.

John hopes to one day turn his hobby of making music in his bedroom into a career. He is constantly on the lookout for any opportunities involving video games and video game music. 



“John is a talented musician. He was able to strike the right balance between his own workload and the work we requested of him for Chronoblast, while still delivering quality mastered tracks in a timely fashion. Despite the pressures of working on a production title, John’s tracks maintained the high quality I would come to expect from a full retail game in the genre. I would, without question – ask John to work with us again on future projects. “

- Steven Redmond, owner of n0rtygames and coder at Frictional Games


 - Jory Caron, YouTuber

"I asked John to create music for my Fiesta Movement video sponsored by Ford. John was extremely fast and professional in getting exactly what I needed for the project. His music worked perfectly with the video and I could not believe how quickly he was able to get me his final product, which I got the same day. I would definitely recommend Analogstik Music for any custom music needs."

- TimsVlogs, YouTuber and Ford Fiesta Movement Agent

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